You’re a Runner. Period.

I have fond memories playing soccer at sleepaway camp. The ball would come near me, I would get up from the grass, move over a few feet, and sit back down with the tickle of the blades on the back of my legs. In middle school, I couldn’t even make first cut for the basketball […]

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This is a Race, So Race It

Last night as I was running my second 5k in as many weeks, I realized– this is a race, so race it. I never used to wear headphones during races because I felt it was my time to focus on the goal. As my times started to steady, I became more interested in escaping the […]

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It’s Worth a Tri

I stuck in the kiddy pool for a few years longer than I should have. Maybe it was because I liked the warmth of it. Or maybe it’s because any time I inched near the adult pool, my older brothers would try to terrorize me. At summer camp there were Red Cross cards with swim […]

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Take It Slow

Isn’t that a nice way to live life? Too often, it feels like we’re rushing. Us northeasters could certainly learn a thing or two from the south. Too bad this doesn’t translate as well to racing. Last night I raced a 5k. It felt like I was running so hard. And yet, I was so […]

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