Youthful Aging

I’m only 31. An older man this weekend thought I couldn’t be much older than 21. Yet at a recent NYU event full of undergrads, I wasn’t IDed while getting an adult beverage (even though others had been). I’m actually not too concerned about getting old – as the “baby” in my family – I […]

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The Glass is Half Full

And with that, I’m halfway there – 9 weeks down, 9 weeks to go. I’m grateful to say my body is feeling good, haven’t had any major aches or pains, and I pray it stays that way. This past weekend was a doozy though. I celebrated my final summer Friday at work by kicking off […]

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One and Done.

With this silly, narcissistic blog of mine, it can seem like I’m a fully committed runner. Really, I’m a bit seasonal. The catalyst to kicking off my blog is thanks to my recent binge watching of Sex & the City and watching Carrie write. The running focus is because I’m marathon training now and it’s […]

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Panic in the Atlantic

At 4:23 on Sunday morning, my eyes peered open. I debated for a moment if I should rise or wait until my 4:30 alarm. Something about that unnatural ringing always leaves me a bit grouchy, and I needed to cream cheese my bagel, so up I went. My boyfriend graciously arose to give me a […]

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You’re a Runner. Period.

I have fond memories playing soccer at sleepaway camp. The ball would come near me, I would get up from the grass, move over a few feet, and sit back down with the tickle of the blades on the back of my legs. In middle school, I couldn’t even make first cut for the basketball […]

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