It’s the cornerstone of the typical marathon training program. Your 20-miler. If you can do that, you can do that extra 6.2. Some advise against running further or doing it more than once because of injury risk and peaking too soon. Of course, advanced/competitive runners often do choose to do more. I do not fall […]

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Youthful Aging

I’m only 31. An older man this weekend thought I couldn’t be much older than 21. Yet at a recent NYU event full of undergrads, I wasn’t IDed while getting an adult beverage (even though others had been). I’m actually not too concerned about getting old – as the “baby” in my family – I […]

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The Glass is Half Full

And with that, I’m halfway there – 9 weeks down, 9 weeks to go. I’m grateful to say my body is feeling good, haven’t had any major aches or pains, and I pray it stays that way. This past weekend was a doozy though. I celebrated my final summer Friday at work by kicking off […]

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One and Done.

With this silly, narcissistic blog of mine, it can seem like I’m a fully committed runner. Really, I’m a bit seasonal. The catalyst to kicking off my blog is thanks to my recent binge watching of Sex & the City and watching Carrie write. The running focus is because I’m marathon training now and it’s […]

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Panic in the Atlantic

At 4:23 on Sunday morning, my eyes peered open. I debated for a moment if I should rise or wait until my 4:30 alarm. Something about that unnatural ringing always leaves me a bit grouchy, and I needed to cream cheese my bagel, so up I went. My boyfriend graciously arose to give me a […]

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