The Cost of the Marathon

In 2012, I started training for my first marathon. Sure enough, I ended up needing physical therapy. That happened again in 2013, 2014, and 2015– when I actually had to drop out due to injury. Last year, something magical happened. I didn’t need physical therapy – my body felt just fine! I was hoping this […]

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The Staten Island Half

On Saturday morning, my boyfriend walked in the living room to find me watching NYC Marathon videos on YouTube. He joined me and did a good job of playing along and acting interested. Meanwhile, I was getting teary and filled with so much joy in anticipation of this special day. The next morning, the alarm […]

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It’s the cornerstone of the typical marathon training program. Your 20-miler. If you can do that, you can do that extra 6.2. Some advise against running further or doing it more than once because of injury risk and peaking too soon. Of course, advanced/competitive runners often do choose to do more. I do not fall […]

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Youthful Aging

I’m only 31. An older man this weekend thought I couldn’t be much older than 21. Yet at a recent NYU event full of undergrads, I wasn’t IDed while getting an adult beverage (even though others had been). I’m actually not too concerned about getting old – as the “baby” in my family – I […]

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