Marathon #5: Let’s Look at the Facts

Cut the fluff– overall, I feel good enough about this race. I had a reach goal of 3:45 and a very attainable goal of breaking 3:48. In the end, I ran 3:48:48 / 8:44. I thought I was 21 seconds off from last year, but I just realized I was actually 1 minute 20 seconds off. Damn.

Let’s look at the data:

2017 – NYC 2016 – NYC 2015 – NYC 2013 – NYC 2012 – Philly
Time 3:48:48 3:47:28 3:56:56 3:46:12 3:44:27
Pace 8:44 8:41 9:03 8:38 8:33
5k 8:40 8:21 8:11 8:25
10k 8:49 8:16 8:26 8:25 8:26
15k 8:28 8:15 8:15 8:20
20k 8:47 8:30 8:46 8:35
13.1 8:28
25k 8:49 8:38 9:06 8:44
30k 8:39 8:52 8:50 8:22 8:26
35k 8:52 9:14 9:40 8:55
40k 8:56 9:07 11 9:02 8:33
13.1 (1) 1:53:50 1:49:32 1:50:42 1:50:57 1:51:11
13.1 (2) 1:54:58 1:57:56 2:06:14 1:55:15 1:53:16
Difference 1:08 8:24 15:32 4:18 2:05

I started off this race slower than any other with the hopes of running negative splits and finishing strong. That kind of happened. This was my most even run marathon to date. I also ran the last 10k faster than my 3 previous NYC marathons – which is the hardest part of a marathon. But what does it matter if it was my 4th slowest out of 5 marathons?

Really though, I feel good enough about the race. The time is slower than I would have liked because of this nagging feeling I’ve gotten throughout training – where I feel like I am about to pull out my lower back. It started around mile 7 and caused me to stop and stretch multiple times along the way – adding just over a minute to my time. I don’t regret it though because I know my body needed that. Hopefully I’ll work on my core and get to the root of the program so it doesn’t recur next year. It would be nice to start getting faster instead of a little slower each year.

Best of all was the cheering and 36 familiar faces along the way. Thanks to Charlie, Sophie, Cesar, Marcela, Jackie, Tim, Pam, Michelle, Kathy, Marcela, Teneka, Laura, Doug, Sean, Kate, Tuck, Ilya, Marey, Mom, Dad, Josh, Michelle, John, Evan, Daniel, Vlado, Adeline, Chris, Kristina, Dan, Rebecca, Kevin, Lainie, Priya, Jordan, and Chrissy – you make the marathon the amazing experience that it is!


7 thoughts on “Marathon #5: Let’s Look at the Facts

  1. What an intelligent, heartening and professional way to look at it! You’re the whole package!!
    Best of luck in your future pursuits! Looking forward to hearing all about them and hoping to be part of it in whatever way I can.
    Love you Moni Moo!! Grandpa would have been so proud of you!!

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  2. Congratulations on completing the marathon again! It may not have been your fastest but at least it seems you know what you have to work on. That’s a goal to shoot for and one that I am confident you will attain! Congrats again!

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