The Day is Near and I’m Over It


Just one more training run to go. Since July 2nd, I’ve run 458.3 miles. I always get obsessive about the marathon, but I feel like this year has really gotten out of hand. For the first time, I didn’t have any significant work obligations, which freed up a lot of mental space for me to overthink things. I also moved in with my boyfriend at the start of training, giving me a constant companion to overshare with. On top of all that, I discovered a couple of Facebook groups with runners just as obsessive as me (many even more so!), giving me a 24/7 forum to oscillate in, transitioned my Instagram to be running-focused, and launched this blog.
Now days away from the marathon, I feel like the excitement has peaked. It happened specifically when I was alone around 1:30am Monday morning, going a little crazy thinking about the possibility of rain and which color start I should choose (no point in explaining it, it’s very boring and inane).

I remember when I got my first smartphone in December 2011. My boyfriend at the time already had one and told me I would become obsessed with it. I didn’t believe him. I would use my laptop same as usual, and my phone for when I’m on the go to check directions and find nearby restaurants. Fast forward to today and I rarely use a laptop at home. I’ll even choose to watch shows on my phone when I’m right in front of my TV. I think it’s time to take a break. Instead of watching so much on the screen and constantly checking social media, I’m going to try to focus more on exploring my new hobby of sewing, staying active outside (and in the gym), and getting into a good book.

My latest work in progress.

Five days after the marathon, I’m traveling to Ecuador for 1.5 weeks for work (and a few days of leisure). I’m going to use that as my launching pad to try to detox a bit from social media and the digital world. I’m not making any promises because I realize it’s all become so ingrained in me, but I can at least try.



4 thoughts on “The Day is Near and I’m Over It

  1. Hi there! Great blog and great post! First let me start by wishing you the best of luck with your NYC marathon run! I’m curious – what FB running groups are you a part of? Like you, I am kind of obsessive with my running and would like to be a in forum where people are similar minded to me.
    I hear what your saying about social media – it can be overwhelming. I unplug sometimes just to get away! Good on you to realize that sometimes too much is too much!

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    1. New York City Marathon 2017 (TCS NYC) and the other is specifically for people using NYRR’s Virtual Trainer training plan. I’d advise against joining because it’ll suck you in, but now we’re in the homestretch so go for it! I believe you will need to be approved.

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      1. Thanks for the info! I’m actually not running this years marathon but got approved for next year’s marathon! So they can’t suck me in yet!! lol But I will try to see if there is a group for the 2018 marathon to join!! Thanksb

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