One and Done.

With this silly, narcissistic blog of mine, it can seem like I’m a fully committed runner. Really, I’m a bit seasonal. The catalyst to kicking off my blog is thanks to my recent binge watching of Sex & the City and watching Carrie write. The running focus is because I’m marathon training now and it’s one of my favorite things to talk about. Come December though, I’ll be laying on the couch after work complaining how I’m not running, while stuffing my face with popcorn.

This week is a tough one. I did my 15-miler a few days later than I hoped since I was away this weekend, wrapping it up on Sunday evening. It was 8:38 pace, which sounded about right (although a little faster would have been nice). The run felt challenging, although I’m not quite sure in what way – was it emotionally or physically?

Given that I have two races this weekend (a sprint triathlon and a trail half), I had to crunch in my other runs. I attempted an easy 5mi run on Monday, which ended up as a sssllloowww 1.16mi run. Knowing I needed to get some distance in, I pushed myself to do a decent 6mi run on Tuesday. And Wednesday, I set off with hopes of doing an 8mi run with hill repeats, but a half mile later I decided to call it quits just as I entered Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoy the sunset instead. Tonight, I have plans at 8:30pm, and I’m mixed with guilt about not doing anything, or run/bike 1.5 miles to the pool to get a few laps in before my upcoming tri. My alternative, work more on my third homemade dress so I can wear it out to dinner tonight. I think that sounds like my best bet.


My point is, even motivated people have their off days. Sometimes it’s because you’re lazy, other times it’s because your body is telling you it needs to rest. Either way, I think it’s important we cut ourselves some slack. Our lives are filled with responsibility – a job, maybe kids or a side gig, etc. – we work hard, and sometimes we deserve to have time to just be. To not feel guilty we’re not doing something that we consider better for ourselves than whatever else we end up doing. I’ll remember this next time I’m lying on the couch bitching that I’m lying on the couch (just can’t do it too many days in a row).


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