Take It Slow

Isn’t that a nice way to live life? Too often, it feels like we’re rushing. Us northeasters could certainly learn a thing or two from the south. Too bad this doesn’t translate as well to racing.

Last night I raced a 5k. It felt like I was running so hard. And yet, I was so slow. I ran 24:31 / 7:54. My PR is about 22:00. I can’t blame it on the humidity, this whole year I’ve been running slowly. It’s just disappointing after having a successful 2016. I was back in action after a femoral neck stress fracture sidelined me for nearly 7 months, running my fastest times in years. I was especially excited for this race since NYRR doesn’t offer many 5ks – an easy way to bring down my fastest pace in their system (there must be others who only think it counts if it’s a NYRR race, right?). They’re doing another 5k next week, so fingers crossed.

To improve, I am looking to get serious with speedwork, including on the track, as well as intervals and fartlek. I don’t typically incorporate these kind of workouts in my training, so how did I really expect to get faster?

Do you do speedwork? Have you seen it make a difference in your running?


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